June 8, 2022 • 5min read

For your campaigns to be successful, it is important to add your personal touch and value to the design of your QR-Codes. It has been proven that marketing campaigns are strongly influenced by graphic design. And thanks to our My QRCode Generator application, you will be able to stand out, gain new customers and increase your sales at the same time.

How to stand out from the classic black and white QRCode?

You can create personalized frames, choose the colors and write the text to encourage your customers to scan. We advise you to use your company colors, your logo inside the QR Code or the templates we offer for social networks. These tips will help your customers identify you and remember your company.

Tips for a nice and readable QR-Code

As mentioned before, it is important to use your company colors for the design of the QR-Code. Also, don’t forget to emphasize contrast so that it is noticeable, readable against the background used and easily scannable by your users. Another point, your QR Code must be in square format and not otherwise.

If you want to print your QR Code, you can do it easily with the batch export of our application My QRCode Generator. You will be able to print labels and stick them easily on the media you want.

Thanks to our advanced Quality Check feature, you can also know if your URL or phone number is accessible and that there are no errors. The « Quality Check » validates or not your QRCode. For example, if you have chosen a white matrix on a white background, it will not work, and our feature will alert you to this problem.

Of course, for the user to see your QR-Code and want to scan it, it must be at eye level, not too small or too big and well placed on the support.

What are the main use cases of a personalized QRCode?

If you regularly walk around town, you can see that advertising signs contain QRCode most of the time. Users scan the QR Code and are directly redirected to the brand’s website link, a ticket office if it is an event or a contest. You can also use a QR-Code on a product’s packaging, as a sticker on your car, etc.


Be creative and curious, there are really many ways to use a QRCode and grow your business ! If you have any questions about customization, feel free to contact us or check our User Guide in the application (for Premium members).