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Independent editor of iOS applications.


My QRCode Generator

The most advanced QR-Code creator and generator app. Create your own unique and personalized static or dynamic QR Code to allow people to access your website, business card, Instagram page, Facebook group and more.

My Simple QR-Code Reader

With this app you can read and create QR Codes or barcodes easily. You can also simply create your QRCode by entering the URL of your website, social network or event you want to embed.

My Counter

Count the number of people in a show, coffees you drink per day, cigarettes you consume, fruits of the day you ate, animals in your shelter, cars in your dealership and anything else you wish.

Find My Position

This simple and intuitive app allows you to get your GPS position easily and quickly. You can to save all your coordinates in a sync history and assign an emoji to your favorite locations.

Nutri App

This app is your ally when shopping in the supermarket or to take a closer look at the food in your fridge. To go further in changing your eating habits, you can add each product to the fridge and get graphs to visualize the Nutri-Score, Eco-Score and more.

My Numerology App

Calculate your numerology to get to know yourself better. Each date of birth, current year, current month and current day holds its own energy. It also accompanies you every day thanks to a notification that lets you discover your daily numerology.